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Rashid Ahmine Is Mauritian of the Year 2023



Rashid Ahmine Is Mauritian of the Year 2023
Image source: Defi Media - Rashid Ahmine

Rashid Ahmine, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Mauritius, has been named “Mauritian of the Year 2023” by L’Express newspaper.

Ahmine’s fight against financial crimes, including the upcoming battle with the newly established, contentious Financial Crimes Commission, has been recognised and applauded by many, including legal professionals and politicians.

There have been calls for Ahmine to also be named as a Senior Counsel, although he has said his focus will remain on his current work.

Despite limitations, such as government interference in the DPP’s office, Ahmine continues to work towards the freedom and justice of the people of Mauritius.

Source: l’Express

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