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Israel/Hamas War – Port Louis Holds The Trump Card



Israel/Hamas War - Port Louis Holds The Trump Card
Israel/Hamas War - Port Louis Holds The Trump Card

Maersk, a global shipping company, has chosen Port Louis in Mauritius for stopovers by its fleet serving Southeast Asia, bypassing the Suez Canal due to the ongoing Israel/Hamas war.

The recent attack on a commercial vessel in the Indian Ocean has prompted efforts to divert maritime routes away from high-risk areas.

Port infrastructure in Port Louis may be strained as the demand for bunkering increases.

A High-Level Committee, led by the Secretary to Cabinet, has held meetings with port stakeholders to coordinate this potential growth.

Other international shipping lines are also avoiding the Suez Canal, resulting in longer journeys and increased costs.

Given the poor performance of South African ports, Port Louis has become a preferred option for refuelling and supplies.

The government is closely monitoring the situation and aims to strengthen Port Louis’ position as a maritime hub.

Source: Le Mauricien

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