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Torrential Rain Warning Issued for Mauritius as Heavy Downpours Persist



Torrential Rain Warning Issued for Mauritius as Heavy Downpours Persist

Mauritius is currently under a torrential rain warning, as atmospheric conditions remain moist and unstable, leading to continuous heavy thundery rainfall across the island.

Multiple weather stations have reported significant rainfall since early Tuesday morning till midday, with several regions experiencing moderate to heavy downpours.

According to the Met Office, the highest recorded rainfall in the past eight hours, ranging until 12:00 pm, are as follows:

  • Rivière des Anguilles with 98.5 mm,
  • St Felix with 85.4 mm,
  • Belle Mare with 81.2 mm,
  • Queen Victoria with 67.8 mm,
  • Nouvelle Decouverte with 67.4 mm,
  • Riche en Eau with 66.6 mm,
  • Mare aux Vacoas with 65.4mm,
  • Plaisance with 63.7 mm,
  • Rose Belle with 48.4 mm, and
  • Mon Loisir Sugar Estate with 20.9 mm.

These heavy downpours are expected to persist in the coming hours.

The Met Office has cautioned the public about potential flooding in certain rivers and watercourses, along with an increased risk of localised flash floods.

Additionally, water accumulation and fog patches are anticipated in various regions.

To stay safe, the public is advised to take the precautions.

Source: Mauritius Meteorological Services

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