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Ex-DPM Defends “Intrusive Surveillance”, Says “It’s Necessary”



Ex-DPM Defends “Intrusive Surveillance”, Says “It’s Necessary”
Ex-DPM Defends “Intrusive Surveillance”, Says “It’s Necessary”

During debates on the Financial Crimes Commission Bill at the National Assembly on Tuesday, December 12, ex-DPM Ivan Collendavelloo asserted that surveillance is necessary.

This viewpoint, however, is being challenged by legal experts and civil society.

The issue of “Intrusive Surveillance,” which involves observing or listening to an individual, monitoring their movements, conversations, or other activities, and accessing their communications from a location other than a public place, raises concerns about infringement on citizens’ freedom in the absence of a “reasonable suspicion” principle.

There are growing concerns government’s intentions and the changes concerning the country’s current legislative framework on home surveillance through various electronic devices.

Source: Defi Media

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