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SMEs to Get Support Despite Disruptions, Minister Pledges



SMEs to Get Support Despite Disruptions, Minister Pledges
SMEs to Get Support Despite Disruptions, Minister Pledges

Sunil Bholah, the Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs, and Cooperatives, has announced that his ministry will support operators despite possible disruptions.

During a press conference, the minister discussed the positive achievements of his ministry in 2023.

In the manufacturing sector, an investment of Rs 5.87 billion has been made to improve machinery and equipment.

This sector, consisting of 232 export-oriented companies and 309 domestic-market-focused companies, plays a crucial role in the nation’s economic recovery.

It currently provides 35,000 jobs and contributes significantly to the country’s economy. The government has implemented support plans to strengthen the manufacturing sector and has listed the companies that have benefited from these initiatives.

In addition, the minister highlighted the AVA Techno Park in Côte d’Or, which aims to support the production of medical equipment and new manufacturing companies involved in various industries.

The Manufacturing 4.0 project, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat, aims to assist businesses in adopting new technologies such as AI and robotics.

Furthermore, the minister shared updates on the SME and cooperative sectors, including the registration of 1,350 new SMEs and the creation of over 2,000 jobs.

Various schemes and financial support have been provided to promote the growth of SMEs and cooperatives.

Overall, the minister’s review highlights the government’s efforts to develop and support key sectors of the economy.

Source: Defi Media

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