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Concerns Raised Over FCC’s Potential Power Abuse



Concerns Raised Over FCC’s Potential Power Abuse
Concerns Raised Over FCC’s Potential Power Abuse

Reza Uteem, an MP of the opposition MMM party, has raised concerns about the Financial Crimes Commission Bill, citing its potential danger in allowing investigations to be terminated without consulting the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The bill grants the commission the power to end an investigation on its own. Uteem’s party supports the concept of an “Apex body” but strongly opposes this bill due to its broad powers.

Uteem also questioned the effectiveness of the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) and highlighted unresolved cases, including Angus Road, the Saint-Louis case, and the BET 365 case, which led to the resignation of the former Attorney General.

He questioned why investigations like the Angus Road case have not been concluded after more than a decade, suggesting that the ICAC may be stagnating in its investigations and failing to involve the DPP.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Arvin Boolell has directly appealed to the President of the Republic, Pradeep Roopun, urging him not to give his assent to the Financial Crimes Commission (FCC) Act if it is passed.

According to the MP, several aspects of this law are “unconstitutional”.

“If the President is truly the guardian of the Constitution, he must not give his assent,” he said.

Source: Defi Media / Defi Media2

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