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Air Mauritius Turbulence: Top Officials Accused



Air Mauritius Turbulence: Top Officials Accused

Air Mauritius, the national carrier, is currently undergoing a tumultuous period, despite a new leadership team, led by CEO Charles Cartier, taking the helm.

A group of employees has accused several high-ranking officials of engaging in toxic practices and favoritism that harm the company.

In a letter addressed to the CEO, the employees expressed their gratitude for the concrete actions taken by Cartier to stabilize the company, but also highlighted the persistent existence of toxic practices and favoritism.

The signatories of the letter accused several senior officials, including Jean Bernard Sadien, Sailesh Jhowry, Nardana Rangan, and Darrel Nallan, of benefiting from promotions and financial advantages at the expense of other employees.

The letter described Sadien as “transparent” and “spineless”, Jhowry as “incompetent”, and Rangan and Nallan as “careerists” who have benefited from the protection and largesse of Anba Manikham, the former CEO of Air Mauritius.

Controversial Committee

The “Operations Advisory Committee”, recently set up, is perceived as an ineffective attempt to address the situation.

Employees are particularly outraged by the presence of Jean Bernard Sadien in this committee, comparing him to Heinrich Himmler for his alleged destructive role in managing personnel.

Sadien is accused of having favored promotions and advantages for a select clique at the expense of more deserving employees.

The employees demanded that Cartier take decisive action against those who continue to harm the company.

They highlighted that the audit report should reveal compromising elements against Sadien, Manikham, and Jhowry, and called for legal action against them.

The generous allocations received by Jhowry and Manikham, allegedly approved by Sadien, are also being questioned.

Accusations of Favoritism:

The recruitment and promotion of certain employees are also shrouded in allegations of favoritism.

Darrel Nallan is accused of having irregularly appointed people to the GHS with the complicity of Jennyfer François and Jean Claude Leste.

Moreover, Nallan is said to be in continuous violation of instructions by continuing to handle Jet Prime affairs despite contrary directives from Cartier.

The employees concluded their letter by calling for greater transparency and publishing job vacancies for open positions to restore confidence within the company.

They emphasized the need for visible actions to stabilize the company and reiterated their confidence in Cartier to lead this critical mission.

This letter, also sent to the PMO, the President of Air Mauritius, COO, and the press, shedding light on grave dysfunctions within the national airline, calling for a thorough reform to restore its integrity and proper functioning.

Source: Le Mauricien

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