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NLTA’s Long Queues, 100+ Frustrated Drivers Won’t Take It Anymore



NLTA's Long Queues, 100+ Frustrated Drivers Won't Take It Anymore
Image source: Defi Media

In a stern communiqué issued on Wednesday morning, May 15, the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) announced that employees who fail to provide satisfactory service to clients will be sanctioned.

The decision comes in response to numerous complaints about long queues at NLTA counters in Cassis, Port-Louis, Forest Side, and Flacq.

The NLTA has outlined its operating hours for the four locations, stating that services are available from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm.

The public is advised to inform the NLTA at its Head Office in Cassis if they do not receive a ticket by 3:00 pm.

The authority has also warned that it will take immediate action against any agent who fails to provide an acceptable level of service to the public.

The issue of long queues at NLTA counters has been a persistent problem, with many users expressing frustration and disappointment.

Some have reported waiting for hours, even before the offices opened, only to be left in uncertainty when the counters closed suddenly.

One such incident was reported by Ramjaun, a resident of Vallée-des-Prêtres, who visited the NLTA on April 17.

He arrived at 2:30 pm and was surprised to find only two counters open, despite the large number of people waiting.

Worse still, the doors were closed without warning or notice, leaving customers in limbo.

Ramjaun also criticized the lack of staff and called for a review of the service in light of the long queues.

The situation is not better at the Emmanuel Anquetil building in Port-Louis, where queues are even longer. Most counters are closed, and customers are left waiting for hours.

A reporter from Le Défi Quotidien observed a queue of around 100 people waiting patiently outside the building on Wednesday afternoon.

One frustrated driver was heard saying, “I’ve been waiting since 9 am and I’m exhausted. I think the authorities need to resolve this issue quickly, as these long queues are a nightmare.”

Vincent Seetaram, Advisor on Information Matters at the Ministry of Land Transport, was approached for comment but simply noted that he had taken note of the situation.

The NLTA’s decision to sanction employees who fail to provide satisfactory service is a welcome move, but it remains to be seen whether it will be effective in addressing the root causes of the problem.

Source: Defi Media

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