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Victoria Hospital: 100 Years Old, Time for Upgrade



Victoria Hospital: 100 Years Old, Time for Upgrade
Image source: Defi Media

The plan for the new building has been finalized and bids for construction will be launched once funding sources are finalized, according to recent reports. After over 100 years of existence, the Victoria hospital in Candos is making way for a modern facility.

The outdated structures of the Victoria hospital will give way to a new multi-level building.

A Master Plan for the project was launched in 2022 and is nearing completion.

All indications suggest bids will be launched soon for construction work to begin on the new Victoria hospital.

During the opening ceremony of the Stanley medical clinic on May 3, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth suggested the regional hospital in Candos is no longer sufficient to accommodate patients.

He further emphasized that the Master Plan will incorporate modern infrastructure to replace the older buildings.

The idea for constructing a new hospital in Candos is not a new one. Former Health Minister, Anil Gayan, first proposed the demolition of older buildings that no longer meet the needs of modern medicine in December 2015.

He talked about “major developments” to make room for modern facilities.

During the inauguration of the new hospital complex built with the support of the Chinese government in December 2015, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth announced the launch of a Master Plan to “modernize and expand the hospital facility” during the centennial celebrations of the Victoria hospital in August 2022.

He also emphasized that the new hospital will offer pediatric services, ayurvedic care, radiology, and dialysis, among others.

The new multi-level facility will also include dental units, neurosurgery, and a specialized unit for autistic patients, among other features. The demolition work will be carried out in phases.

It is worth noting that a plot of land in the Palma region was initially considered to host the new Victoria hospital, but a private sector offer was rejected.

Instead, the decision was made to construct a new multi-level modern facility on the current site. Partial demolition of the existing infrastructure is planned to be carried out in phases, according to available information.

Health professionals have welcomed the idea of constructing the new facility, anticipating a better environment for both staff and patients.

Ram Nowzadick, President of the Nursing Association (NA), believes that centralizing the various services will be a significant advantage.

“The hospital’s services are currently scattered, which is cumbersome for both staff and patients,” he said.

Nowzadick highlighted that the Master Plan was developed in consultation with all stakeholders, and he is pleased with the announcement of construction work on the new facility.

“With the construction of a multi-level building, the hospital will be more user-friendly and the various services will be more accessible,” he pointed out.

Krishnadev Boodia, president of the Ministry of Health Transport Workers Union (MHTWU), also welcomes the improvement in the environment for both staff and patients.

He explained that there have been renovation works here and there in the old building, but the infrastructure has reached its limit and failures are often observed at various levels, especially during rainy days.

“There will certainly be inconveniences during the construction work, as the hospital cannot close its doors, but we will adapt,” he asserted.

Both speakers also note that there is a significant parking issue at Victoria hospital that should be resolved with the construction of the new facility.

Having new infrastructure is not an end in itself, adds Dr. Meetheelesh Abeeluck, president of the Government Medical and Dental Association (GMDOA).

While he welcomed the project, he pointed out that personnel must be planned for to work in the new facility and in all others that will strengthen the public health system.

“It is necessary to increase staff at all levels, whether it is general practitioners, specialists, nurses, hospital attendants, health care assistants, ambulance drivers, as well as administrative staff,” he added.

According to him, the workload of the staff is already substantial and should increase with the aging population and the greater number of patients attending public healthcare facilities.

Source: Defi Media

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