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Jugnauth Keeps India-Mauritius’ Agalega Deal Under Wraps



Jugnauth Keeps India-Mauritius' Agalega Deal Under Wraps

The secret and controversy-ridden agreement between India and Mauritius regarding the development of infrastructure in Agaléga will not be made public, reiterated Pravind Jugnauth.

He cited a confidentiality clause as the reason for not disclosing the details of the agreement.

These comments were made during a parliamentary session where the Prime Minister was answering questions at the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister also emphasized that the Indian government has never given its consent, either directly or indirectly, officially or unofficially, to make the agreement public, contrary to what the opposition has claimed.

The inauguration of a new landing strip and a new jetty in Agaléga was deemed necessary to facilitate access to the island.

“This agreement with India aims solely at promoting, protecting, and safeguarding our maritime needs,” stated the head of government.

Source: Defi Media

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