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Agalega Secrecy: Citizens Rally Against Military Base Plan



Agalega Secrecy: Citizens Rally Against Military Base Plan
Image source: Defi Media

Symbolic demonstration of Linion Moris and engaged citizens in front of the Parliament and St. Louis Cathedral on Friday, in reaction to the inauguration of new facilities in Agalega, including a 3 km long airstrip and a new jetty.

The demonstrators denounce the “opacity” surrounding the agreement between India and Mauritius, describing what appears to be a military base.

Activist Bruneau Laurette, who participated in the demonstration in front of St. Louis Cathedral, called for more transparency on the Agalega issue. He believes these are “military installations.”

“The facilities are not for the people of Agalega,” added Arnaud Poullay.

In front of the Parliament, Linion Moris also advocated for more transparency on this issue. Lawyer Rama Valayden emphasized that the region must be a zone of peace.

Neena Ramdenee mentioned the construction of a large hospital and hopes it will serve all residents.

Nando Bodha, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that during his tenure, the Chagos and Agalega issues were always under the responsibility of the Prime Minister’s office.

He promised that the question will be addressed in Parliament.

Source: Defi Media

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