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Delay in Overtime Payments at 5 Hospitals Criticized



Delay in Overtime Payments at 5 Hospitals Criticized

The State and Other Employees Federation (SOEF) is expressing dissatisfaction with the current process of overtime payment within the Ministry of Health.

In a letter dated April 17th, SOEF highlights that a previous statement had reassured employees that there would be no delays in payment of overtime or other allowances for this month.

President of SOEF, Radhakrishna Sadien, wrote, “Further to the communiqué issued by your Ministry regarding payment of overtime to employees for the month of April 2024, we would like to inform you of the following.

We have been given to understand that the Head Office of the MOH has directed that overtime and allowances will not be payable on payroll for April 2024.

On the 12th April 2024, a communiqué was issued reassuring employees that all administrative procedures are being followed to ensure the payment of overtime in a reasonable time.

The communiqué further stresses that delay in payment of overtime is also caused by the delay in submitting claims. We would like to inform you that overtime in many hospitals have not been paid for several months.”

Sadien specifically mentioned employees from at least five hospitals in the country who have not received their overtime payments.

The SOEF is calling for a resolution to ensure that employees are paid their rightful dues in a timely manner.

The Ministry of Health has yet to respond to these concerns raised by SOEF.

Source: Le Mauricien

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