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Police Promotions: VIPSU Targeted by Discontent



Police Promotions: VIPSU Targeted by Discontent
Image source: Le Mauricien

It is well known that the recent police force promotion exercise, announced with great pomp by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth on March 13th, has left many officers feeling disgruntled.

Some officers are speaking out, claiming they have been unfairly treated. They highlighted the significant number of officers from the Very Important Person Security Unit (VIPSU) who have been promoted to various ranks, including sergeant.

A total of 1785 police officers were promoted during a ceremony at the Central Barracks on Wednesday, March 13th. This included 1,500 new sergeants, 125 new inspectors, and 40 new chief police inspectors.

Didn’t the PM emphasize that promotions would primarily be based on seniority?

However, there seems to be a significant gap between these hopeful statements and the reality, as evidenced by the testimonies of a few constables and corporals who have passed the promotion exams to become sergeants.

“Not only has the highest police hierarchy disregarded the principle of seniority for promotions, but our colleagues from the VIPSU, who have been promoted up to three times in two years, have once again taken the lion’s share,” a corporal revealed.

Frustration has reached a boiling point among officers who have obtained degrees in Law & Criminal Justice or Law & Management, as well as holders of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and LLM degrees, but have been denied promotion to inspector or sergeant ranks.

“Unfortunately, we are not reaping the rewards of our efforts and sacrifices.

When will merit and hard work be restored? We gave up our holidays to attend courses and study diligently to earn our degrees and be at the forefront.

Finding out that we have been left on the sidelines was a devastating blow,” one officer said.

“What will happen if these highly qualified officers abandon ship and the Central Barracks end up with officers with only a School Certificate with Pass?” a corporal wondered.

The new eligibility criterion for recruiting new constables is also raising eyebrows within the unit.

Now, a candidate can apply with just a School Certificate with a Pass in English, instead of the previous requirement of having a School Certificate with a mandatory Credit in English.

Source: Le Mauricien

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