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Veggie Prices Set to Drop by 50%



Veggie Prices Set to Drop by 50%

Consumers may soon see a significant drop in vegetable prices, potentially by at least 50%, in the coming days. However, this is contingent on favorable weather conditions. This is what traders are suggesting.

In local markets, prices for tomatoes range from Rs 75 to Rs 90, while prices for other vegetables are above Rs 40.

Does this signal that the situation is finally starting to normalize? Traders are somewhat skeptical. They insist that times have changed and that climate conditions must now be taken into account.

However, they acknowledge that prices for certain vegetables will decrease further, as the season is conducive to production.

“It must be recognized that the weather situation has greatly deteriorated due to climate change,” they pointed out.

Farmers share a similar view. “Prices will indeed fall by mid-May

, but it’s difficult to say to what extent,” they explained.

In addition to weather conditions, other factors such as high fertilizer prices, a decrease in production mainly due to a lack of manpower, and an increase in theft in fields could also impact vegetable prices.

This is why they express the hope that authorities take measures to boost food production while introducing storage facilities to preserve vegetables.

“With good planning, we could overcome vegetable shortages in the local market during cyclone season and heavy rainfall,” they stated.

Source: Defi Media

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