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Taxi Union Demands GPS, Emergency System for Safety



Taxi Union Demands GPS, Emergency System for Safety

A video showing a taxi driver being robbed at knifepoint has drawn public attention to the dangers of this profession. Raffick Bahadoor, president of the Taxi Proprietors Union, is calling for measures to ensure the safety of taxi drivers.

As the spokesperson for taxi drivers, Bahadoor explained that not all cases of aggression have been reported. “Just last week, I heard that two taxi drivers had been attacked. But they chose to remain silent,” he pointed out.

He explained that taxi drivers face various forms of violence, with the most serious being assaults that can result in permanent disabilities or death.

There are also robberies at gunpoint and passengers refusing to pay their fare.

“For a fare of Rs 200, the driver prefers to turn a blind eye, avoiding having his car vandalized and being attacked. These are cases that are not reported to the police.”

Bahadoor hoping for stricter penalties for attacks on taxi drivers, linking the increase in theft cases to the proliferation of synthetic drugs in the country.

“I believe that harsher sentences will deter thieves from targeting taxi drivers,” he said.

He is also hoping for the government to mandate the installation of a partition in taxis for the safety of drivers.

A request made by Raffick Bahadoor two decades ago for the installation of partitions in taxis as a safety measure is now being revisited.

He recalled at some point of time, some taxi drivers had been fatally attacked, prompting him to suggest the partitions.

However, the majority of drivers opposed the idea, finding it inconvenient for wedding ceremonies.

Despite this, Bahadoor argued that a partition provides protection for drivers against assaults, proposing that removable partitions be considered for flexibility.

He also advocated for the implementation of GPS systems managed by the Taxi Operators Welfare Fund in taxis, as well as an alarm system.

In case of danger, drivers could activate an alert signal by pressing a button, prompting emergency response operations.

Bahadoor urging the government to support the establishment of such systems to enhance driver safety.

Bahadoor advising taxi drivers to be cautious, particularly when receiving calls for service at night.

Drawing from his own experiences, Rajesh, a veteran taxi driver in Vacoas, is acknowledging the increasing challenges of the profession.

He highlighted the dwindling customer base, making it difficult for drivers to turn down fares.

Rajesh noted instances where drivers have fallen victim to deception and emphasized the importance of vigilance in a society losing its moral compass, partly due to the devastating impact of synthetic drugs.

Despite the risks, Rajesh underscored the necessity of working to provide for his family, predominantly accepting fares through phone bookings as a precautionary measure.

He also stressed the importance of verifying the identity of passengers known to him before committing to nighttime rides.

Source: Defi Media

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