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Rising Prices Eroding Senior Pensions, Says Federation President Kuppan



Rising Prices Eroding Senior Pensions, Says Federation President Kuppan

The President of the Senior Citizen Federation, Potaya Kuppan, is advocating for price controls to protect the purchasing power of seniors.

With the recent increase in old age pension, are seniors able to make ends meet? Kuppan appreciates the government’s efforts to raise the pension to Rs 13,500 in 2019, although it was delayed due to economic constraints.

However, persistent price hikes in the market continue to erode the pension increase, putting seniors back at square one.

Rising Prices Eroding Senior Pensions, Says Federation President Kuppan

Kuppan believes that a minimum pension of Rs 20,000 is necessary for retirees to lead a decent life.

In addition to increases, Kuppan believes the government must take steps to protect consumer purchasing power, proposing price controls in the market.

He also suggests strengthening the Ministry of Commerce’s inspection department to prevent merchant abuse through surprise visits.

Measures to curb inflation must also be implemented. Kuppan has submitted a set of demands to the Ministry of Finance for the upcoming Budget.

Beyond food prices, Kuppan stresses the importance of controlling medication prices in private pharmacies.

If necessary, he suggests introducing medical insurance for seniors to cover the cost of medications not available in hospitals.

Improving bus transportation, particularly on the Curepipe-Rivière des Galets route, is another priority for Kuppan.

Seniors should not have to wait over an hour for a bus, only to find crowded buses without seating.

Regarding Carer’s Allowance, Kuppan highlights the difficulties faced by bedridden seniors who rely on caregivers.

While the government provides Rs 3,500, caregivers typically charge Rs 10,000 at night and Rs 7,000 during the day.

This forces some seniors to dip into their pension to cover these costs. Kuppan has requested an increase in Carer’s Allowance to at least Rs 7,000 to address the rising cost of living.

The allocation has not been revised in years despite increasing expenses.

Source: Defi Media

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