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Ex-PMSD Trio Joins PTr-MMM for New Political Venture



Ex-PMSD Trio Joins PTr-MMM for New Political Venture
Image source: Defi Media

Three prominent members of the Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD) have resigned and are now considering forming a new political party.

Véronique Leu-Govind, Khushal Lobine, and Richard Duval have all stepped down and expressed their commitment to continue their political work with determination.

Khushal Lobine has stated that they will be part of the opposition alliance composed of the Labour Party (PTr) and the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM).

The resignations of Véronique Leu-Govind, the former party president, and the two members of parliament, Khushal Lobine and Richard Duval have come in quick succession.

The trio is now moving towards creating a new political entity. In an interview with Le Défi Quotidien, Khushal Lobine confirmed their alliance with the opposition parties and emphasized their focus on taking action in the near future.

Khushal Lobine explained that their decision to resign was carefully considered, with the best interests of the country in mind.

He expressed concerns about the political dynamics within the PMSD in relation to the MSM and emphasized the need for a united front.

He praised the work done by the three parties while they were together in the alliance and expressed disappointment with the current trajectory of the PMSD.

Despite their departure, Khushal Lobine maintained a positive relationship with former leader Xavier-Luc Duval, acknowledging his contributions to the party.

He also clarified that their resignation from government in 2016 was to prevent the passing of a controversial bill that would have compromised the independence of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Addressing speculations about their future within the opposition alliance, Khushal Lobine refuted claims that they would not be receiving endorsements.

He expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support they have received and emphasized the importance of a new approach to politics in Mauritius.

Richard Duval has addressed false claims about not receiving endorsements, stating “It is inaccurate to say that we were not going to have a ticket.”

In his resignation letter sent to his brother Xavier-Luc Duval on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Richard Duval expressed deep regret in having to resign from all positions within the PMSD.

The Member of Parliament for the No. 12 constituency (Mahébourg/Plaine-Magnien) revealed feeling deeply hurt by the growing mistrust within the party in recent weeks.

He indicated that rumors of a possible alliance with the MSM contradicted his principles, reminding his brother that these same concerns had led him to leave the government in 2016.

Duval emphasized his commitment to putting the country first, stating “I want to be able to look my constituents and all other Mauritians in the eye, and tell them that I have chosen the country above all.”

He explained that a particular phrase heard on Sunday afternoon, “sa 2 la pankor donn zot let demision” (these two have not yet submitted their resignation letters), was the final straw that pushed him to make his decision.

However, Duval reassured his brother of their familial bond, expressing gratitude for the support he has received over the years.

He also apologized if his efforts to improve the party’s position within the alliance had caused any displeasure.

In a separate development, the lawyer Rouben Mooroongapillay, who is part of the legal team of the PMSD, also resigned from the party.

In his letter to Xavier-Luc Duval sent on Tuesday afternoon, Mooroongapillay cited “obvious reasons” for his decision to distance himself from the party after hearing certain information.

He stressed that politics is not solely about receiving endorsements but also about upholding values, honesty, and ideologies.

Mooroongapillay highlighted the importance of sincerity and humility, stating, “We must not mislead our constituents and supporters. I prefer to remain loyal to these fundamental values and principles.”

Source: Defi Media

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