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Shakeel Mohamed: Making “Democracy the Priority” as Opposition Leader



Shakeel Mohamed: Making "Democracy the Priority" as Opposition Leader

Shakeel Mohamed, who was appointed as the leader of the opposition following Xavier Duval’s resignation on Monday, April 15th, has stated that he will ensure that democracy is respected above all else. This comes after the rift between the PMSD, Labour, and MMM parties.

In a press conference, the Labour MP praised Xavier-Luc Duval for his work as the previous leader of the opposition, stating that he has provided valuable advice on how to hold the government accountable.

Mohamed believes that despite differing viewpoints, the opposition is unified and not enemies.

He emphasized that the country is standing united behind the opposition and he is committed to ensuring that the voices of the people are heard.

Mohamed expressed gratitude towards his family, friends, fellow MPs, and constituents in the no 3 constituency for their support.

The newly appointed leader recognizes the importance of his role in politics and is determined to fulfill his responsibilities effectively.

He aims to uphold democracy and work towards addressing the concerns of the population.

Source: Le Mauricien

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