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Drug Trafficker’s 1st Class Flight: Air Mauritius CEO Faces Internal Probe



Drug Trafficker's 1st Class Flight: Air Mauritius CEO Faces Internal Probe

A confidential letter addressed to Air Mauritius CEO Mr. Charles Cartier from anonymous employees reveals concerns regarding the transfer of detainee Jean Hubert Celerine to the island of La Réunion.

Employees highlight an apparent disregard for established security department procedures during the transfer of this high-profile passenger, known as Franklin, convicted of drug trafficking in La Réunion and facing money laundering charges in Mauritius.

Such a transfer poses a high security risk falling under both the security and ground operations departments.

The letter accuses the airline of violating the guidelines of the Ground Operations Manual by seating Mr. Celerine in business class, whereas rules require deportees and their escorts to be allocated seats at the rear of the cabin.

This decision is deemed a blatant violation of the operational manual approved by the Director of Civil Aviation. “Mr Jean Hubert Celerine was seated in Business Class at seat number SF.

The GOM at section 7.17.4.l specifies the following: “Assign deportees and their escorts seats in the rear of the cabin, but not directly adjacent to exits”.”

However, this extradition was an unprecedented situation. The airline Air Mauritius should have complied with such provisions, unless a documented derogation had been approved by the relevant authorities.

Blatant violation of the Ground Operations Manual.

The letter’s authors strongly state that “…the decision to provide a seat in business class to Jean Hubert Celerine is completely wrong, disproportionate, and constitutes a blatant violation of the airline’s Ground Operations Manual, a document approved by the Director of Civil Aviation.”

They also question the roles of the security and ground operations managers, Nardana Rangan and Sallesh Jhowry, highlighting the potential risks faced by the company in case of an incident onboard.

Furthermore, the letter raises concerns about the involvement of the flight captain, Captain Somoo, and the cabin chief, Sen Neerbun, in the decision to place Jean Hubert Celerine in business class, despite regulatory restrictions.

The fact that Jean Hubert Celerine was also seated in business class, considering the proximity to the cockpit, even though he was under restraint, should also be at the center of the mandatory investigation that must be promptly conducted to determine accountability in this serious breach of civil aviation regulations, as established safety procedures onboard an aircraft were not followed.

The letter’s authors stress the importance of preventing such occurrences in the future.

Source: Le Mauricien

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