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Franklin Extradited to La Reunion, Flying in Business Class



Franklin Extradited to La Reunion, Flying in Business Class
Image source: Defi Media

Jean Hubert Célérine, also known as Franklin, transferred on Tuesday April 2nd via Air Mauritius as part of his extradition.

In addition to numerous public comments on social media, former employees of the airline have also denounced the transfer.

A letter requesting an investigation was sent to Commissioner of Police, Anil Kumar Dip, and Air Mauritius CEO Charles Cartier on Wednesday, April 3rd.

The authors of the letter argue that the transfer of the convicted drug trafficker to La Réunion “was not carried out in accordance with the approved procedures established in the Ground Operations Manual (GOM).”

According to these whistleblowers, Air Mauritius “must adhere to these provisions unless a documented exemption has been approved by the competent authorities, but this would have been an unprecedented situation.”

Franklin was seated in business class at seat number 5F. However, section of the GOM states: “Assign seats to deportees and their escorts at the back of the cabin, but not directly next to the exits.”

Providing a seat in “business class” to Franklin would therefore be “a blatant violation of Air Mauritius’ GOM. Note that such a document is approved by the Director of Civil Aviation.”

It is also noted that the availability of business class seats “cannot be a reason given to seat Mr. Jean Hubert Célérine in business class considering the proximity to the cockpit.”

An “thorough investigation” is requested “to establish accountability and also to prevent future recurrences.”

Source: Defi Media

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