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Mauritius Met Office Issues 10-hour Heavy Rain Alert



Mauritius Met Office Issues 10-hour Heavy Rain Alert

Mauritius Met Office has issued a Special weather bulletin on Monday, April 8, 2024, has announcing a Heavy Rain WATCH for Mauritius, valid until 10:00 PM.

The alert was issued at 12:30 PM due to moist and unstable atmospheric conditions in the region, which are favorable for the formation of active clouds.

According to the bulletin, the weather will be cloudy in the North West and over the Central Plateau, with localized showers expected.

These showers are forecasted to spread across the entire island in the afternoon, with intensity ranging from moderate to temporarily heavy, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms.

In light of the impending heavy thundery showers, residents are advised to take precautions.

It is recommended to stay indoors in safe places and avoid open areas, hiking, sea activities, and seeking shelter under trees.

Additionally, individuals should steer clear of areas prone to water accumulation and exercise caution while driving due to reduced visibility caused by heavy rains and fog patches.

The Mauritius Meteorological Services are closely monitoring the situation, and further updates will be provided as the weather evolves.

The public is urged to stay informed by consulting subsequent bulletins for any changes or additional advisories.

Source: Mauritius Meteorological Services

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