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Port-Louis’ Telethon, Uniting for Palestinians



Port-Louis' Telethon, Uniting for Palestinians

In a bid to show solidarity with the Palestinian people amidst ongoing challenges, the Port-Louis City Council has announced plans to organize a telethon on Friday, March 29.

The decision was reached during a special session of the council yesterday afternoon, reflecting a collective commitment to addressing the plight of Palestinians.

This initiative has garnered support from other local authorities, who will also contribute to the cause.

Yousouf Nujurally, the Lord Mayor of Port-Louis, emphasized the necessity of taking action in the face of the hardships endured by the Palestinian population.

He stressed that it is imperative not to remain indifferent to their situation.

The telethon aims to raise awareness and funds to provide assistance to Palestinians, who continue to grapple with various challenges including political unrest, economic instability, and humanitarian crises.

Through this concerted effort, the municipality seeks to extend a helping hand and demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people in their pursuit of peace and justice.

Source: Defi Media

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