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3 Arrested in Child Trafficking Allegations



3 Arrested in Child Trafficking Allegations

Three suspects, including two women, have been arrested in connection with an alleged child trafficking case.

This follows a complaint made to the police by a 14-year-old girl on March 8th.

In the presence of her aunt, the teenager explained that on February 1st, a neighbor proposed to have sexual relations for payment.

In her statement, the victim claimed she had sexual relations with three individuals between February 1st and 5th.

The minor said she went to a Guest House located in Plaines-Wilhems region. She specified that a woman at the reception allowed her entry despite not having an identity card.

At the Guest House, she had sexual relations with two individuals. The following day, she returned to the Guest House accompanied by another person.

However, this time, a different woman was at the reception who refused her entry because she couldn’t produce her identity card.

As a result, they went to another Guest House but were also denied access. The neighbor of the teenager was the first to be arrested in this case.

Investigators then proceeded to arrest the receptionist of the initial Guest House.

After thorough investigation, one of the suspected individuals alleged to have had sexual relations with the minor was arrested. More suspects are still being sought in this case.

Source: Defi Media

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