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Bogus Professionals Alert: 200+ Unqualified Practitioners on the Loose!



Bogus Professionals Alert: 200+ Unqualified Practitioners on the Loose!

The Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC) Act 2017 has revealed a concerning situation for many paramedical professionals working for the Ministry of Health or in the private sector.

Some individuals employed as “psychologists,” “nutritionists,” or “physiotherapists” do not hold the necessary qualifications according to the AHPC’s recommendations.

For example, individuals with a certificate in “social work” have been hired as “psychologists” based on the criteria of “other qualifications” listed in job postings.

Similarly, in other paramedical professions, some employees lack certificates that meet the required standards.

These individuals may have completed online or short-term training sessions lasting only a year, leaving them without the minimum skills needed to practice.

However, due to their initially imposed qualifications and years of experience, the AHPC cannot currently prohibit them from working, explains Council President Yasheer Soohun.

A moratorium has been granted to allow these individuals time to update their qualifications to meet the criteria outlined in the Allied Health Professional Council Act 2017.

After this period, the AHPC may prevent them from practicing if they do not hold a license as mandated by current legislation.

Currently, approximately 700 individuals hold a license, while over 200 cases are pending as they await clearance for their certificates of good conduct.

Soohun emphasizes that the AHPC will contact those with inadequate qualifications to rectify their status by pursuing the necessary training courses based on the required number of years.

Under the regulations of the Allied Health Professional Council Act 2017, professionals in nearly twenty fields must register with the AHPC to obtain their practice license.

This includes audiologists, chiropractors, counselors, dieticians, occupational therapists, nutritionists, osteopaths, speech therapists/pathologists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychomotor therapists, psychotherapists, clinical scientists, orthopedic technicians, medical imaging technologists, medical laboratory technologists, and sports therapists.

The registration of paramedical professionals aims to regulate these fields and eradicate harmful practices and charlatans.

Efforts have been made to contact the Ministry of Health regarding paramedical professionals lacking the necessary qualifications, and responses are awaited.

Source: Defi Media

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