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Activists’ Action Call: 60% Users Ignore SIM Re-Registration



Activists' Action Call: 60% Users Ignore SIM Re-Registration
Image source: Le Mauricien

The collective Pa Tous Nou Sim Card is calling on the population to attend a citizen protest tomorrow.

The protest will begin at 1pm in front of St. Louis Cathedral and will end at La Compagnie garden.

In a press conference this morning, members of the collective reminded the public that the re-registration exercise is a violation of citizens’ privacy.

This is why a call has been made to the entire population.

Activist Percy Yip Tong stated that to date, 60% of users have not completed the exercise. “Power is in that 60%,” said the activist.

He also called on all activists and politicians to participate in the protest.

“We must give a valid reason to show how SIM card registration can help in the fight against drug trafficking,” Percy Yip Tong said.

He added that the next six weeks will be crucial, with a campaign of posters to be launched.

Source: Le Mauricien

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