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Emtel Wins OOKLA Award, Leads 5G in Mauritius



Emtel Wins OOKLA Award, Leads 5G in Mauritius

Mauritius telecoms provider Emtel has secured the OOKLA Speedtest Award for Q2-Q3 2023 with the backing of NEC XON, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the rollout of 5G technology in Mauritius.

Under the leadership of Jurie Cordier from NEC XON and Emtel CEO Kresh Goomany, the partnership has focused on improving network capabilities through extensive cell site upgrades and the integration of Juniper Networks equipment.

Emtel’s 5G network, now covering 80% of the Mauritian population, boasts the most extensive coverage on the island and is poised to become one of the widest in Africa.

This expanded coverage guarantees users ultra-fast speeds and low latency, significantly enhancing their mobile browsing experience.

The successful deployment of 5G technology is complemented by the introduction of the METISS fibre cable, which boosts bandwidth capacity and supports the rising demand for high-speed internet and IoT applications.

Looking ahead, NEC XON is actively supporting Emtel’s technological advancements by planning an upgrade to a 400-gig backbone. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Emtel remains at the forefront of telecommunications technology, providing top-tier services to its clientele.

Source: BNN Breaking

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