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ABSA Mauritius Picks Meghna Chettri as Digital Banking Head



ABSA Mauritius Picks Meghna Chettri as Digital Banking Head
Image source: CIO News

Meghna Chettri has taken on the role of Head of Digital Banking at ABSA Mauritius, marking a significant milestone in her successful career. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Chettri is known for her commitment to excellence and innovative technological advancements.

Prior to joining ABSA Mauritius, Chettri held key leadership positions in digital marketing and transformation at renowned financial institutions. She led digital projects at ICICI Bank, where her creative strategies significantly boosted the bank’s online presence.

Chettri’s expertise was further demonstrated during her time at The State Bank of India, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in digital marketing.

Throughout her career, Chettri has been commended for her forward-thinking approach and strategic insights, particularly in delivering exceptional user experiences and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for marketing campaigns.

Her diverse background includes working with reputable companies such as Accenture Digital Services, UTI MF, and Cognizant, honing her skills in global campaign management and brand development.

Expressing her excitement for this new opportunity, Chettri shared her enthusiasm on LinkedIn, declaring, “I’m delighted to be joining ABSA Mauritius and driving innovation in the realm of digital banking experiences.”

Source: CIO News

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