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Trucker’s Tale: 67-year-old Boss Grilled Over Damaged Bridge



Trucker's Tale: 67-year-old Boss Grilled Over Damaged Bridge

Vikash Woochit, director of Eastern Mix Ltd, is expected to attend Metro Nord CID offices on Tuesday to provide details regarding the cargo on the truck involved in the Roche-Bois accident last Saturday. Investigators have discovered that the Concrete Pump involved was imported by Eastern Mix Ltd, necessitating clarification from Vikash Woochit, the brother of Ranjiv Woochit.

Despite claims to the contrary, Vikash Woochit maintains that the truck does not belong to Eastern Mix Ltd and asserts that the driver is not an employee of their company. He explains that the cargo was meant to be transported from the port to Laventure, with Eastern Mix Ltd enlisting Megatrans Ltd for customs clearance and transportation services.

According to Vikash Woochit, the truck belongs to a broker, and while the driver and co-driver are employed by Eastern Mix Ltd, the company cannot be held accountable for their actions. He insists that false information is circulating, erroneously implicating Eastern Mix Ltd in the incident. Vikash Woochit plans to take civil action against those spreading misinformation and criticizes the MBC for incomplete reporting.

Meanwhile, police have opposed the conditional release of Kovin, the driver involved in the accident, citing concerns about potential witness interference and his safety. Kovin’s lawyer, Me Ashley Maunick, disagrees with the police’s rationale and has filed a Bail Motion, with proceedings scheduled for Wednesday. The court has ordered Kovin to remain in custody until March 4, pending completion of his statement and participation in a reconstruction exercise at the accident site.

The assistant driver, discharged from custody, will also provide a statement for comparison with Kovin’s. Kovin has admitted responsibility for the accident but awaits clarification from the truck’s owner, a 67-year-old director, regarding the choice of a standard truck instead of a Low Bed Trailer for transporting the Concrete Pump.

Investigators seek to determine who should have requested a police escort and assess why the Concrete Pump’s arm was not fully lowered. Kovin misjudged the footbridge’s height, assuming his cargo would fit, leading to the accident. The investigation aims to establish accountability and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Source: Le Mauricien

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