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Legal Drama: Interim Order Halts Grand-Port District Council’s Seat Declaration



Legal Drama: Interim Order Halts Grand-Port District Council's Seat Declaration
Image source: l'Express

Interim injunction issued against Grand-Port District Council. Twist in the expulsion of Mare-d’Albert village councillor, Bindhya Priya Toolsee. Judge Mehdi Manrakhan, presiding in interim proceedings, issued an interim injunction yesterday against the secretary of the Grand-Port District Council, restraining him from notifying Anwar Husnoo, Minister of Local Government, to declare the councillor’s seat vacant.

The judge also prohibited the concerned minister from publishing notice of the vacant seat of the Mare-d’Albert village councillor. The motion presented by Ms. Faatima Somauroo, attorney for Bindhya Priya Toolsee, is also directed against the Electoral Supervisory Commission, the electoral commissioner, the president of the Mare-d’Albert village council, the leader of the Socialist Movement of Mare-d’Albert, and the village councillor, Addis Balchand. Judge Manrakhan’s order remains in force until March 13, 2024.

The expulsion of the councillor from the Militant Socialist Movement stems from the fact that she is engaged to Ravi Jangi, president of the Grand-Port District Council, a close associate of the Labour Party, and they are to be married soon. The leadership of the MSM views this union unfavorably, hence the decision to expel the councillor.

Source: l’Express

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