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Anahita Resort Partners with Peach Payments in Easy Booking Deal



Anahita Resort Partners with Peach Payments in Easy Booking Deal
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Peach Payments, Africa’s leading provider of payment solutions, and Anahita, a major player in the Mauritian real estate sector, announce a new partnership aimed at facilitating bookings made in the country and abroad.

“Anahita Golf & Spa Resort has entered into a significant partnership with Peach Payments to facilitate and simplify payments for our clients booking at the property and within its premises. We were in search of a reliable and secure payment service provider, and Peach Payments came highly recommended to us.

After several meetings with their management team, we have finalized our collaboration and are looking forward to working closely together to achieve our common goals, namely a 5-star experience for our clients starting from booking and payment,” says Dhiren Pereira, Chief Operating Officer of Anahita Estates Limited.

Previously, clients wishing to stay at Anahita had to complete administrative formalities by sending an email to the reservations team, along with a credit card authorization form. This tedious and time-consuming process also carried the risk of manual errors.

Now, clients can make direct payments by credit card, debit card, or prepaid card using a link generated on the Peach Payments platform, shared via email, WhatsApp, or SMS. Peach Payments then facilitates the payment through international interbank systems, and Anahita receives the payment into their account from the client. Dhiren Pereira confirms that the process is seamless for the client and less time-consuming for the Anahita team.

In a broader sense, this partnership has strategic implications for tourists visiting the island economy, who can now make payments easily from anywhere in the world on a secure platform.

Indeed, from January to December 2023, over 1.29 million tourists visited Mauritius. This figure is to be compared with the situation just a year ago. In 2024, Mauritius’ economy is expecting a return to pre-COVID levels, similar to the 1.38 million tourists in 2019.

“When we established ourselves in Mauritius in 2021, we were determined to support the economy despite the challenges posed by COVID in the country. As such, powering payments in the tourism sector, which contributes 8% of Mauritius’ GDP*, is a key priority for Peach Payments. We are delighted to start the new year with a partnership with Anahita, a major player in hospitality and real estate, which allows us to contribute to the growth of the hospitality sector in the country’s thriving economy,” says Sandeep Chagger, Chief Operating Officer, Peach Payments.

Ultimately, this partnership with Peach Payments positions Anahita as a pioneer in the Mauritian hotel industry by offering a cutting-edge solution to its clients, and is expected to elevate the tourism sector in the island economy to new heights.

Source: Le Mauricien

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