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SBM Named Top Bank in 2 Categories by Euromoney



SBM Named Top Bank in 2 Categories by Euromoney

The SBM, a market leader in Private and Corporate Banking, has received prestigious accolades from the renowned magazine Euromoney. The bank has been recognized as the Market Leader in both Private Banking and Corporate Banking, further solidifying its position in the banking and financial landscape of Mauritius and internationally.

Mr. Premchand Mungar, CEO of SBM Mauritius Ltd, expressed his pride at the bank being honored by Euromoney. He stated that these awards are a reflection of the dedication of SBM’s staff, who are proud to be recognized for their commitment.

The CEO also remarked, “These prestigious distinctions reflect the culmination of our commitment to excellence, strategic measures, and staunch dedication to our customers. It places SBM at the forefront of the financial industry, underscoring our impact and industry leadership.”

It is worth noting that the Euromoney Market Leader accreditations, launched in 2022, recognize major players in the banking and financial world across various segments. For SBM, it is their Private and Corporate Banking divisions that have stood out. This program aims to acknowledge excellence and outstanding performance in this field on a global scale.

Source: l’Express

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