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MTUC Demands Higher Pensions – 2024 Budget Recommendations



MTUC Demands Higher Pensions - 2024 Budget Recommendations

The MTUC is proposing a minimum wage of Rs 20,000 and a pension of Rs 16,500 for the 2024-25 budget, urging the government to demonstrate its commitment to meeting the population’s needs.

The current government claims to have introduced beneficial measures for workers, such as revising the national minimum wage and increasing basic pensions, but challenges like hoarding of consumer products and rising prices are causing civil unrest among the poorest in the community.

As general elections loom, potential increases in basic pensions and further support for retirees are expected, with a call for urgent actions to curb wastage in para-state organizations.

The MTUC emphasizes the need for a minimum monthly wage of Rs 20,000 to ensure a comfortable life for workers, alongside proposals to involve sugar entities in poverty reduction efforts.

Measures to make public utility bills more affordable for lower-income citizens and the need to address transportation allowances for senior workers are highlighted, along with suggestions for increased support for district councils and municipalities.

Discussions on retirement age and pension benefits for senior workers, as well as proposals to fight corruption and drug trafficking, are brought to the forefront by the MTUC.

The organization advocates for income tax relief for individuals earning up to Rs 45,000 per month, and calls for increased support and funding for farmers, planters, and machinery renewals in agricultural sectors.

Recommendations for the establishment of an independent recruitment body and a focus on combating corruption and drug trafficking at all levels of society are put forth, urging the government to lead by example in promoting transparency and accountability.

Source: Le Mauricien

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