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First Ever: RuPay and UPI Link Boosts Mauritius-India Transactions



First Ever: RuPay and UPI Link Boosts Mauritius-India Transactions

The Prime Ministers of Mauritius and India, along with the President of Sri Lanka, have virtually launched the RuPay and Unified Payments Interface (UPI) linkage between Mauritius and India.

This new payment infrastructure allows seamless and secure transactions between the two countries. RuPay cards issued in Mauritius can now be used at ATMs and POS terminals in India, while Indians can make UPI transactions in Mauritius.

The connectivity enables travelers to pay merchants using UPI in both countries. Mauritius is the first country outside Asia to issue RuPay cards. The initiative aims to boost trade and tourism by providing an efficient payment solution.

Both central banks have collaborated to implement the payment infrastructure successfully. The service will enhance financial connectivity and promote digital transactions. It is expected to strengthen economic ties between Mauritius and India.

The partnership allows for cost-effective payments for customers. Mauritius’ growth as an international financial hub is also supported. The Governor of the Bank of Mauritius praised the collaboration as a significant milestone.

The National Payments Corporation of India has supported the project. The central banks are committed to improving and expanding the service. Indian RuPay cards will be accepted in Mauritius. The initiative aims to meet the evolving needs of customers.

The service is designed to be convenient and secure for individuals and businesses. In conclusion, the RuPay and UPI linkage represents a major step towards enhancing financial connectivity and promoting digital transactions between Mauritius and India.

Source: Bank of Mauritius

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