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Brown-Séquard Hospital: Mental Patient Found With Over Rs 1.4 Million Cash



Brown-Séquard Hospital: Mental Patient Found With Over Rs 1.4 Million Cash
Brown-Séquard Hospital: Patient Found With Over Rs 1.4 Million Cash

Where does this huge sum found on a patient hospitalized at Brown-Séquard come from? The Barkly police, called upon by the hospital staff, have opened an investigation for money laundering.

Chief Inspector Moorghen’s men arrived at the scene Sunday morning at the request of the charge nurse where the patient, a 38-year-old resident of Chemin-Grenier and a clothing sales entrepreneur, had been admitted to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle on Saturday and transferred on Sunday to Brown-Séquard Hospital due to signs of depression.

Before his admission, the staff informed him that a search would be conducted on his belongings as per security protocol. The patient then handed over a backpack containing a large sum of money in various denominations placed in several transparent plastic bags as well as four mobile phones.

The nurse in charge and her colleagues counted the banknotes, which amounted to Rs 1,411,572 in the absence of the patient as he had fallen asleep when he was brought in for admission.

Later, after partially regaining his senses, he informed the service assistant that the money belonged to him.

He was questioned by the police. “I know this is my money but I don’t know how much is in there, I have worked hard for this money. I haven’t counted these notes,” the patient told the police. He will be interviewed after his discharge from the hospital.

Source: l’Express

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