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MLC President Calls for Salary Merger: Money Talks, Politician Walks



MLC President Calls for Salary Merger: Money Talks, Politician Walks
Image source: Le Mauricien

The Mauritius Labour Congress (MLC) is pushing for the merger of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) and the National Remuneration Board (NRB) to ensure parity in salaries across the public and private sectors.

The president of the MLC, Haniff Peerun, believes this move is logical given the trend of consolidating institutions with similar responsibilities. He suggests a unified protocol for dealing with heavy rain in both sectors, advocating for the Prime Minister’s Office to issue national directives in such situations.

Peerun also highlights the challenges posed by climate change, calling for prompt action on cyclone warnings to ensure worker safety. The MLC president prioritizes human life over economic concerns and praises the government’s Rs 2,000 allowance for CEB subscribers affected by Cyclone Belal.

However, he expresses concerns about the adequacy of the allowance for those who suffered significant losses. Peerun suggests using the allowance to cover electricity consumption charges and proposes further compensation for families of cyclone victims. He also calls for free insurance for all workers in the country.

The MLC president critiques the Public Service Commission and the Local Government Service Commission for lack of independence and suggests reforms to address these issues. Overall, Peerun advocates for policies that prioritize worker safety and welfare, emphasizing the importance of human life above all else.

Source: Le Mauricien

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