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Air Mauritius: 3 Executives Suspended Amid Flight Chaos



Air Mauritius: 3 Executives Suspended Amid Flight Chaos

Air Mauritius has suspended Senior Manager of aircraft maintenance services, Ravind Ramroop, in response to repeated technical issues with the company’s aircraft. This comes after a report suggested some problems could have been avoided.

There may be further sanctions in the future. Several aircraft have been grounded since mid-December due to technical problems, leading to flight delays and cancellations. CEO Krešimir Kučko and Chief Finance Officer Jean Laval Ah Chip have also been suspended for separate reasons.

Passengers on the Gatwick/Plaisance flight faced delays and cancellations, with some waiting until the early hours of the morning to retrieve their luggage. This marks the third disciplinary action against a senior executive at the airline.

The CEO and CFO await the conclusions of internal investigations. The suspensions come amidst ongoing technical and weather-related flight disruptions. Air Mauritius faces criticism for its handling of these issues.  The company’s reputation is at stake due to the disruptions and suspensions. Passengers’ travel plans have been severely affected by the ongoing problems.

Investigations by PricewaterhouseCoopers have been launched into the suspended executives. The airline is under pressure to address these issues promptly. The future of Air Mauritius remains uncertain amid the ongoing challenges.

Source: Defi Media

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