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Jugnauth Challenges Opposition: No Lies in Election Date Plans



Jugnauth Challenges Opposition: No Lies in Election Date Plans
Image source: Le Mauricien

Pravind Jugnauth, the Prime Minister, hinted at the uncertainty surrounding the date of the upcoming general elections in early 2024. Speaking at an MSM regional committee meeting in Petit-Raffray, Jugnauth emphasized the importance of the current year for the future.

He asserted his authority as Prime Minister to choose the election date in line with the law. Jugnauth maintained that he would adhere to the legal requirements regarding the election timeline.

Challenging the opposition, he highlighted concerns about corruption and unexplained funds in the coffers. Jugnauth underscored the need to uncover any potential scandals.

He also addressed DPP’s decision not to prosecute MP Eshan Juman for accessing a restricted area. Jugnauth defended his position by referencing the DPP’s communication stating Juman had proper authorization. He vehemently denied any falsehood in those claims.

The PM declared his commitment to truth and welcomed any challenges to prove otherwise. It is clear that Jugnauth intends to follow legal procedures and uphold the law in the election process.

The coming year will be crucial in determining the future political landscape. The Prime Minister’s statements indicate a firm stance against any illegal activities or misconduct within the government.

He expressed confidence in his transparency and truthfulness. Jugnauth’s remarks also highlighted concerns about unexplained financial discrepancies. Overall, his speech conveyed a message of accountability, integrity, and a dedication to upholding legal obligations in the upcoming elections.

Source: Le Mauricien

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