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Health Minister’s Clash with Journalists Sparks Controversy



Health Minister's Clash with Journalists Sparks Controversy
Photo: Sunday Times

Two journalists from the Sunday Times have accused Health Minister Kailesh Jagutpal of assaulting them at Jeetoo Hospital.

A journalist and a photographer claimed they were roughed up during their visit for a report on doctor shortages. The journalist lodged a complaint with the Central CID following the incident.

They were allegedly approached by the minister and a group of individuals, with the minister reportedly saying, “I’m a psychiatrist, I can examine you.”

The journalists reportedly felt intimidated by this interaction and claim the minister’s bodyguard threatened them.

They argued that journalists should obtain permission from the relevant ministry before entering hospitals.

However, the Minister denied any act of intimidation towards the journalists, stating they were recording without consent.

The Ministry of Health emphasised the importance of prior authorisation for media access to healthcare facilities to protect patient confidentiality.

They aim to clarify that there was no intimidation or insult by the minister or his officials during the visit.

The statement stressed the need to respect patient rights and the rights of medical staff.

Source: Le Mauricien

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