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Dengue Cases Surge: 40-60 Daily, Brace for Mosquito Battle



Dengue Cases Surge: 40-60 Daily, Brace for Mosquito Battle

The country is seeing a concerning increase in dengue cases, with numbers rising from 498 to 635 between December 11 and February 5. As of February 8, there were 408 active dengue cases, up from 235 on February 5, with 85 patients currently hospitalized.

Dr. Kursheed Meethoo-Badulla, NCD Coordinator at the Ministry of Health, notes that approximately 40 to 60 cases are being reported daily. She emphasizes that the 96 cases recorded on February 6 were from samples collected prior to that date.

Dr. Badulla, while not considering the rise in cases exponential, does find it alarming and stresses the need for vigilance. The increase in cases is attributed to dengue awareness campaigns prompting more testing for symptoms, as well as a high mosquito population due to climate change.

Dr. Badulla advocates for heightened efforts to combat mosquitoes, emphasizing measures to prevent their proliferation. She highlights the importance of maintaining a clean environment and eliminating breeding grounds, even tiny sources like a saucer under a flower pot.

The appeal is made to the public to adhere to guidelines and take action to prevent mosquito breeding and avoid bites by using repellents. The Ministry of Health is working with other departments to mobilize resources for land clearance and “fogging” to target mosquitoes effectively.

Source: Defi Media

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