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4-Day Deadline for “Ruisseau du Pouce” Evacuation Sparks Vendor Dispute



4-Day Deadline for "Ruisseau du Pouce" Evacuation Sparks Vendor Dispute

Vendors operating at “Ruisseau du Pouce” have been ordered to vacate the premises by the end of this week, as evidenced by posters displayed on the stalls since yesterday.

This directive from the municipality follows the planned demolition of the stalls on February 12 at this location.

It is worth noting that the eviction of vendors from “Ruisseau du Pouce” has sparked a legal dispute between them and the Port Louis municipality.

Since April 2022, in order to challenge the decision of the city council, the case had been brought to the Supreme Court by vendors who do not wish to be relocated to the Victoria Urban Terminal.

Source: Le Maurcien

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