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Pravind Jugnauth vs. 3 Newspapers: A “Lost Cause”



Pravind Jugnauth vs. 3 Newspapers: A "Lost Cause"
Image source: Defi Media - Jean Claude de l'Estrac

Pravind Jugnauth caused a stir by stating that “the press” is his adversary. Some believe that certain journalists are conducting anti-Jugnauth campaigns.

Jean Claude de l’Estrac, a former editor, suggests that the Prime Minister is wrong to view the press as a monolithic bloc. He notes that previous Prime Ministers also suffered from the same complaint.

However, de l’Estrac argues that some journalists have crossed a line in their coverage of the Prime Minister.

Using “demeaning language” is unacceptable from a deontological point of view. The government has provided its critics with ample ammunition for criticism.

Yvan Martial views the prime minister’s statement with sarcasm, saying that Pravind Jugnauth is scared of three newspapers.

However, Martial notes that the Prime Minister is responsible for managing a budget of 500 billion. Thus, it is surprising that he would fear the press.

In the end, de l’Estrac’s advice is that even if weakened, it is futile to attempt to confront the press. Doing so is a “lost cause”.

Source: Defi Media

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