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Chagos: Election Hurdle, UK-Mauritius Dispute in 7th Round



Chagos: Election Hurdle, UK-Mauritius Dispute in 7th Round
Image source: Defi Media

Will there be a handshake between Rishi Sunak and Pravind Jugnauth, as on November 9, 2023, on the Chagos Islands issue? The Mauritian government aims to secure sovereignty over the Chagos Islands from the UK before the general elections, amidst discussions of compensation exceeding Rs 100 billion and potential rent for the Diego Garcia military base.

The Chagos Islands dispute between Mauritius and the UK faces challenges ahead of the general elections.

The Mauritian government seeks to regain sovereignty before the UK polls, but negotiations are complicated by the American-British military base on Diego Garcia.

With talks of significant compensation, a resolution before the UK elections appears unlikely. Influential British politicians, including David Cameron, form a lobby against Mauritian claims.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth expressed uncertainty about the future regarding negotiations. Cabinet secretary Sateeaved Seeballuck doubts the Conservatives’ willingness to reach an agreement given political considerations.

The British press intensifies its stance against Mauritian sovereignty over the Chagos Islands.

Former Foreign Secretary Vijay Makhan criticizes Jugnauth for not pressing the issue more assertively.

Tensions within the Conservative Party add complexity to the situation. Speculation surrounds the motives behind exploiting the Chagos Islands issue for political advantage.

The Mauritian side may need to rethink its strategy amidst ongoing uncertainties.

Former Ambassador Milan Meetarbhan highlights the need to reassess reliance on UK cooperation. The upcoming UK elections may impede progress on the Chagos Islands dispute.

In the midst of political maneuvers, securing a resolution remains challenging for both parties. The Chagos Islands issue continues to be a contentious diplomatic battleground as negotiations evolve.

Source: Defi Media

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