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Bully and Son Arrested Again, This Time in Kidnapping Saga



Bully and Son Arrested Again, This Time in Kidnapping Saga
Image source: Defi Media

Vishal Shibchurn and his son have been arrested again by the police, this time in connection with an alleged kidnapping following a complaint filed this week by a 57-year-old woman against the two men.

The resident of St-Hubert told investigators that Vishal Shibchurn’s son burst into her home.

She was with her uncle when the 23-year-old suspect allegedly forced them into his vehicle.

Mayur Shibchurn then drove them to his home and Vishal Shibchurn later joined them.

They subsequently headed towards Le Val where, according to the complainant, her uncle and she were attacked.

The victim added that the suspects then drove them back to her home. They changed clothes before being taken to a bank to withdraw money.

However, the cashier allegedly refused to give them the money as they were injured. According to the police statement, they then headed to the Shibchurns’ home.

The uncle was tied up with a dog chain by the suspects. The victim was able to escape after the intervention of a man named ‘Karia’ while her uncle was found tied up in a sugarcane field at Le Val Nature Park.

Source: Defi Media

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