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China-Mauritius Relations: The Lucky Gateway for China’s African Connections



China-Mauritius Relations: The Lucky Gateway for China's African Connections
Image source: Defi Media - China-Mauritius Relations: The Lucky Gateway for China's African Connections

Exchanges between China and Africa – Zhu Liying: “Mauritius has privileged conditions”. The Prime Minister, as well as the President and Vice-President of the Republic, were among the guests at the reception organized by the Chinese ambassador yesterday.

The Chinese ambassador to Mauritius, Zhu Liying, highlighted the excellent relations between China and Mauritius in his speech at the Spring Festival reception at the Port-Louis Cruise Terminal in Les Salines on Wednesday evening.

In this Year of the Dragon, China, according to Zhu Liying, “continues to play the role of a locomotive, or the head of the dragon, with its contribution accounting for more than 30% of global growth. China’s GDP last year, 5.2%, as well as the favorable forecasts from international institutions, provide an element of confidence in this uncertain world. In its march towards modernization, China emphasizes the quality of development and openness.

Regarding the relations between Mauritius and China, the ambassador said: “As Mauritius has favorable and privileged conditions in the exchanges between China and Africa, including the Free Trade Agreement and financial facilities, I am convinced that in this auspicious Year of the Dragon, we can go even faster and higher not only for our bilateral relations, but also for the promising partnership with Africa. The year started well with the exchange of ministerial visits, financial services on the Mauritian side, and the promotion of international trade on the Chinese side. Both sides agree to enhance the role of Mauritius as a hub in Sino-African relations.”

Source: Defi Media

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