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Port Louis: Demolition Blues and Water Woes Pinch City



Port Louis: Demolition Blues and Water Woes Pinch City
Port Louis: Demolition Blues and Water Woes Pinch City

In a crucial development for Port Louis, the demolition of structures impeding water flow, including the KFC building and Rogers parking areas, is in the spotlight.

Last November, part of the Pouce Creek’s concrete structures was dismantled, with further demolition pending a Supreme Court judgment on a challenge by former street vendors.

The municipality is committed to adhering to recommendations from a 2015 report on the 2013 deadly floods by Senior Magistrate Ida Dookhy-Rambarun.

The fate of the KFC and Rogers properties remains uncertain, with Lord Mayor Mamode Isoop Nujurally claiming unawareness of the file seven months into his term.

Despite lingering indecision, the municipality has accelerated the removal of identified structures, with some vendors resisting evacuation.

Rumors circulate about reluctance to demolish major properties, dismissed by the Lord Mayor, who underscores the commitment to follow recommendations for the safety of residents.

The municipality plans to address other illegally built structures on colonial-era drains, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach.

Historian Georges Lewis Easton’s testimony sheds light on historical perspectives, including a 1979 report prohibiting structures near Jardin de la Compagnie, criticizing past developments that disrupted natural passages.

The city grapples with uncertainty as questions linger about when the planned demolitions will take place.

Source: Le Mauricien

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