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Debt turns deadly – Man killed over Rs100



Debt turns deadly - Man killed over Rs100
Debt turns deadly - Man killed over Rs100

Eddy Godin, aged 48, did not survive his injuries following an assault that took place in Plaine-Magnien last Thursday.

Placed under observation, he passed away at Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle on Monday.

A violent dispute is said to have erupted between the victim and a resident of the locality.

The forty-ish year old was brutally beaten over a Rs100 debt. Eddy Godin refused to go to the hospital or report the incident to the police. He returned home.

However, his health deteriorated. According to reports, he lived alone. He was eventually taken to Rose-Belle for treatment by family members. Meanwhile, the police have opened an investigation into this case.

A resident of Plaine Magnien has been arrested. He confirmed having a problem with Eddy Godin over a financial matter. The individual was provisionally charged with murder before Mahébourg Court on Tuesday.

Source: Le Mauricien

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