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State-owned Land Sale Blunder: Mistake Ruled Invalid



State-owned Land Sale Blunder: Mistake Ruled Invalid
State-owned Land Sale Blunder: Mistake Ruled Invalid

In a recent judgement, Judge Mehdi Manrakhan declared that the sale of a State-owned land in Mauritius is null and void. The case involved the Mauritian State, the Mauritius Commercial Bank, the Curator of Vacant Estates, and Blue Banana Company Ltd.

The judge criticized the bank for allowing State land meant for needy individuals to be sold to a company, and noted that the sale procedures were illegal.

The case originated from the death of a tenant who had leased the land for residential purposes.

The bank initiated auction proceedings due to a loan default, and the land was mistakenly awarded to Blue Banana Company at a significantly lower price than its market value.

The judge ruled that the sale violated the conditions of the charge memorandum and the State Lands Act, and ordered the defendants to rectify the records.

The Mauritian State agreed to refund the amount paid by Blue Banana Company.

This case highlights the importance of carefulness in land transactions, especially involving State-owned properties.

Source: l’Express

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