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Dutch Tourists Robbed at Knife Point in Grand-Baie: 2 Arrested



Dutch Tourists Robbed at Knife Point in Grand-Baie: 2 Arrested
Image source: Le Defi

Two Dutch women were victims of a violent theft in Grand-Baie, Mauritius. The arrest of suspect Jeeveeka Lungur led to the recovery of the stolen items. This incident reflects the unfortunate reality that some tourists leave the island with painful memories, despite its reputation for enchanting landscapes.

The attack occurred at 3:15 am on January 1st, when two armed and masked individuals targeted the tourists on the main road near La Cuvette beach.

One criminal held a weapon to a tourist’s throat and forcefully cut her handbag strap, stealing her iPhone, wallet, and car keys. The other thief immobilized the second tourist and took her handbag.

The victims were left in a state of shock as the criminals fled. Following the investigation, 21-year-old Jeeveeka Lungur was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division on January 22nd, leading to the recovery of stolen items including a handbag and phone belonging to the Dutch women.

During questioning, the suspect admitted to another case of violent theft committed on January 14th, where a 37-year-old local resident was physically attacked and robbed. The accomplices in this incident are still being sought, while Jeeveeka Lungur remains in police custody.

Source: Defi Media

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