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Pandit Pursun Fights Back: 2 Threats Too Many



Pandit Pursun Fights Back: 2 Threats Too Many
Image source: Le Mauricien

Pandit (Hindu Priest) Vivek Pursun, aged 63, is worried about potential reprisals as a result of his legal actions against Attorney General Maneesh Gobin and former PPS (Private Parliamentary Secretary) Rajanah Dhaliah in relation to the Black Label & Stag Party scandal. The case was discontinued in November last year.

In a statement given to the police, a religious leader claims that he was walking at the Quatre-Bornes bazaar last Sunday at around 1:30 pm when two unidentified men approached him.

Among other things, they allegedly said, “Are you Pandit Pursun? We are following your posts on Facebook. I’m telling you something, you need to take precautions. You’ve seen what happened to Ivann Bibi, someone close to you, and K (a social worker). They will put a stain on your reputation.”

The two men then left the scene.

The religious leader stated that he does not know them personally but takes their comments very seriously.

In fact, his car was vandalized in his backyard last year. He lodged a Pre-Measure Statement with the Quatre-Bornes police earlier this week to report the incident and plans to consult his lawyers to determine the appropriate course of action.

Pursun believes that he is a victim of a “smear campaign and character assassination” against him.

He fears the possibility of drug planting or even a second kidnapping attempt.

He stated, “These two individuals told me – your days are numbered, you’re walking on thin ice.”

He added, “They told me that someone could file a complaint against me, hide drugs at my place, or even abduct me.”

The complainant asked the two individuals for their identification, which they refused to disclose.

“Today, being a priest in Mauritius, I have to be careful because they might frame me or plant drugs at my place. They are threatening me because I am speaking the truth,” he said.

Pursun clarified that he is a politically impartial person and is fighting for the well-being of Mauritians.

Source: Le Mauricien

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