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CP Shuts Down ‘Rumours’ on 2 Casualties During Cyclone Belal



CP Shuts Down 'Rumours' on 2 Casualties During Cyclone Belal
Imagee source: Le Mauricien

The Commissioner of Police, Anil Kumar Dip, has called on the general public not to make unfounded comments about the deaths of Anwar Rehaz Noormahomed and Richard Alberto Lajeune, who died during the severe weather caused by Cyclone Belal.

In a statement dated January 19th, the CP states that an investigation is underway to shed light on these tragedies.

In light of the findings from the autopsies conducted by the police’s forensic department, Anil Kumar Dip also revealed that Anwar Rehaz Noormahomed and Richard Alberto Lajeune died from intercranial hemorrhage and a neck fracture, respectively.

It should be noted that on Monday, January 15th, during the rising waters, the lifeless body of Anwar Rehaz Noormahomed was found floating on the Pailles Highway.

This 53-year-old motorcyclist was a resident of Guibies Pailles. Alberto Richard Lajeune, who went missing during Cyclone Belal, was found dead near a river in Tamarin on Tuesday, January 16th, following the severe weather.

The body of this resident of Trèfles was discovered among debris piled up by the floods.

Source: Le Mauricien

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